Hardington Consultancy is no more!

After 15 years it’s time for a nice cup of tea and a bit of a nap. Thanks to all my customers over the years, most of you have been nice and it’s been great working for you. You can contact me on my private email address if you want a chat.



Sunny Spain

Yes, I have left the UK to remain in the EU!

If you are a ‘leaver’, then sorry (not really) but I like being European and have decided to ‘Leave some I can Remain’.  

It’s nice here in Spain, the people are friendly, the food is magnificent and the plonk is cheap. I am learning Spanish, slowly, there hasn’t been that much time in our first year with all the paperwork, house decoration and repairs but this time next year…….


… and relax!

Miumiu Guitargirl

Now I can spend more time watching fantastic Youtube videos like this!


Sunset on our local beach